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Accessories from GROHE

Accessorize Your Modern Bathroom

Modern, timeless, and practical

Taking a bath is no longer a boring daily ritual; something to be performed monotonously without the slightest bit of enjoyment. Today, people experiment with different products and accessories to enhance their bathing experience. Keeping in mind the need and preference for different bathroom accessories, GROHE has come up with an enormous collection of bath accessories that you will not only love but will rejoice. From toilet brush sets and towel bars to grab rails and shower baskets, you will find everything practical and appealing in xTWOstore. >>Read more

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High-Quality and Durable

Scratch-free and easy to clean

Although GROHE mainly manufactures bathroom and kitchen fittings, they also offer the matching bathroom accessories which possess the advantages of the brand: the design, quality and durability of GROHE products, at an affordable price. Many accessories are coated with the StarLight technology to give a long-lasting shine to the surface of your taps, to prevent scratches, and to make them easy to clean.

Since GROHE offers bathroom accessories from its various design series, you can also choose them to fit perfectly with your other GROHE bathroom products.

On our GROHE Accessories page, you will find a wide choice of small helpful items that will simplify your daily life while adding charm to your bathroom. The list is long: grab rails, towel rings and towel hooks, toilet paper holders and toilet brushes, soap dispensers, soap dishes and glass holders, shower baskets, and much more. You can find accessories sets here. If you are looking for a specific accessory, you can also use our search engine to find it.

Huge Assortment to Match Your Needs

Ideal for all modern bathrooms

Your bathroom ideas are realized with practical and aesthetically pleasing interiors and accessories to match your bathroom furniture. No matter what your bathroom décor needs are, GROHE has a lot of varieties in bath accessories to help you accomplish the kind of look you want for your bathroom. These accessories are created to coordinate with a wide range of faucet styles, bathroom cabinets, and other fittings such as bathtubs and showers.

GROHE has an extensive range of series that includes artistic appeal and unsurpassed functionality, to make your time in the bathroom happy. For dynamic and contemporary styles, GROHE Allure Brilliant is the best pick, GROHE Atrio for an elemental and elegant form that are engineered to last, GROHE Authentic if you have a traditional bathroom, for a stylish and chrome finished bathroom appearance, go for GROHE BauCosmopolitan. The GROHE Essential Cube offers linear detailing and rectangular edges to achieve a more detailed look and you can rest assured on its quality. The Selection Cube by GROHE is again about pure cubical shapes exhibiting amazing craftsmanship.

Based on your requirements and preferences, you can choose from these series. These bathroom accessories are also available in the form of wall-mounted, deck-mounted, floor-mounted, and behind hinged doors. If you are looking for bathroom accessories with drilling, you will find those in the mentioned series.

Besides, these GROHE bathroom accessories are available in attractive shades such as hard nickel, supersteel, warm sunset, hard graphite, chrome, gold, grey, velvet black, and more.

Accessories have become more than just objects that have a function and are used on a daily basis, they are also the expression of our individual style and taste. Let your talent as a decorator run wild while equipping your bathroom with the accessories you need by browsing our site. It is full of accessories from the GROHE brand!

Accessories from other manufacturers can be foundhere.

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